Allison Bliss

Follow Your Bliss: Attract Clients You Love!

This interactive and enervating 1 hour presentation leads participants through a kind of “vision quest” to tap into the 3 critical tactics to attract clients (or jobs in your career) that you’ll love – those that are most profitable and enable you to flourish.

  • the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make in marketing that holds them back from real success
  • the technique that is probably missing from your marketing costing you a reduced income
  • a mindshift for finding the clients who are truly right for you and those who will pay for your expertise
  • strategies to rethink your business, increase your prices, and build the value of your offerings
  • the missing element that other marketers don’t reveal to you that can affect your attitude, productivity, income, perception and value!

Join us for Make Mine Shine Expert:   Allison Bliss

Ask our Experts your Questions – LIVE

 Tuesday, January 24, 2012

12 Noon PST/3 pm EST

About Allison Bliss Consulting

An award winning marketing & communications agency, Allison Bliss Consulting only attracts smart, conscientious CEO’s, entrepreneurs, startups, and non profit leaders who want practical, customized solutions to produce more business.

The full-service agency offers teams of specialists in high level marketing strategies internet marketing- websites/blogs social media publicity content development, design,writing ♦ video storyboards ♦ and more in this one stop marketing agency bringing cost- and time-efficiency to your marketing efforts.

Clients include Apple Computers, Intuit, Chip Conley’s Peak Organizations, and hundreds of small business entrepreneurs or leaders. Managing production for 10,000+ major Hollywood films, television shows, music concerts, commercials, and live events (with talent including Bobby McFerrin, Robin Williams and the Grateful Dead), Bliss directs the agency’s creative teams to help businesses earn more profits insightfully, effectively, and affordably.

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