Are you tired of the same old telesummits that promise great information, but end up being another sales pitch? Well, we are too!
The Make Mine Shine Virtual Stage isn’t just another telesummit! We’ve gathered a global community of spiritually and ethnically diverse Master Teachers who have agreed to openly share their most amazing secrets to help your business, Prosper, Thrive and Shine!

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Over 25 Make Mine Shine Experts


Client Attraction
Niche Marketing
Social Media
Community Building


Success Mindset
Removing Blocks


Intuitive Guidance
Vibrant Energy Flow
Spiritual Practice for Business Success
Life Purpose
Law of Attraction

Make Mine Shine Virtual Summit is the largest and most diverse gathering of experts who will not only light up our stage, but will show you how to shine in your business too!

Unlike many telesummits, every guest speaker on our virtual stage has committed to sharing three to five juicy tips that you can start using right away! No big sales pitches, just great content, free offers and information about how you can use their advice to take your business to the next level.

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To create a global community of experts to inspire, teach and encourage entrepreneurs to build businesses that Thrive, Prosper and Shine.

Make Mine Shine is more than a Virtual Summit, it is a movement with a mission to share information from a diverse background of amazing entrepreneurs worldwide.


K. Patrice Williams JD

Dr. Monique E. Hunt
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